About us

SuperOffice CRM, the leading international provider of the most user-friendly CRM system, is always looking for new possibilities to add value to their existing applications. Besides an excellent application offering, SuperOffice CRM collaborates with ISV’s to add specific functionality to SuperOffice CRM software products. The ultimate platform for SuperOffice CRM ISV’s and SuperOffice CRM selling partners is VismaPlaza, the easy accessible marketplace for high quality ISV applications and support. VismaPlaza will help ISV’s and SuperOffice CRM selling partners to increase their potential in the rapidly growing SuperOffice CRM market. VismaPlaza is continuously looking for new ISV partnerships to increase the power of SuperOffice CRM applications and provide value for their customers. Join us today!
Beyond borders
Your goal is to successfully sell your products to the international SuperOffice network without having to sign up contracts with every local SuperOffice partner. VismaPlaza is the instrument that will unlock the full market and selling potential for your products!
One Stop Shopping and Try & Buy facilities
Your current and new customers will experience the power of VismaPlaza. During Try & Buy VismaPlaza monitors your customer activity with automated follow-ups. The order process is extremely efficient and you will be notified instantly when a customer decides to buy your product. When your product does not support time based trial functionality, VismaPlaza will supply you with the right tools so this can be integrated in your solution.
Advertising Possibilities
Put your product in the spotlight! Use our bannering advertising possibilities to highlight your product. Your message is presented on VismaPlaza to make sure your product is top of mind of your potential customers. Attract instant attention to your Company & Product in the spotlight using VismaPlaza banner facilities! Choose home- or all pages to brand your application and generate more business.
Spreading the word
Drawing attention to your products is one of the main objectives of VismaPlaza. Every month a digital newsletter is send out to all VismaPlaza customers, trial users and partners. VismaPlaza is discounting specific products and featuring free goodies every month to increase traffic to VismaPlaza uses the social media of today. We are active on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter constantly expanding the social network around VismaPlaza. VismaPlaza will release coupon codes on these media to test and measure these different communication outings.